About Us

Green Valley Security, Inc. is a fully-licensed standing guard and vehicle patrol security services corporation. In business since 1979, we are independently owned, operated and licensed in both California (#14559) and Nevada. With nearly thirty (30) years experience, our service profile has increased to include commercial, construction, industrial and residential security services. We offer a variety of security services to accommodate our client's needs, including:

Quality workmanship & professionalism are important to us. That's why all security officers employed by Green Valley Security, Inc. are state registered, with background checks, through both State and Federal authorities. To assure our clients with excellent customer service, our Field Supervisors routinely check all site locations and security offers to ensure all job responsibilities are performed, as per contractual agreements.

Every business has different security needs. Concurrently, each location can also have specific details requiring custom security services. Green Valley Security, Inc. offers FREE site consultations to accurately identify security issues specific to your business and location.

We're available twenty-four (24) hours a days, seven (7) days a week to better assist our clients. Our service guarantee to you is that you will reach a live corporate representative anytime you call us directly. So, don't hesitate to call any time to schedule for your FREE site consultation or to get your "quick quote" now.


Anthony Urbancic, President